How can you prepare your students for the workplace?

By Edwina Baden-Powell

Teaching ‘soft’ or employability skills to equip students for the workforce is key to any school or college in building an effective careers programme. To support educators in developing student employability skills, ClickView has just produced a new series 'Are You Job Ready?', which showcases young adults in realistic work environments, demonstrating the skills they will need in the workplace. We're excited to share this vibrant series with young learners! Watch the 'Teamwork' clip and download the supporting resources for free below:

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Video Description: Teamwork

Working in a team brings together experience and knowledge from all over. These insights are invaluable in the workplace, especially when things go wrong. Even though Dan’s just started working at the bookstore, he brings a lot of experience to the job. Paul and Lucy discover that sharing the load in times of stress is in everyone’s best interests, especially during the lunch rush. Martin discovers the importance of safety on a construction site means there’s no room for pride. Interactive questions throughout this video (available on ClickView) help learners to understand the importance of teamwork, and practical ways to develop this skill in the workplace. Learn more on how ClickView can support your content needs and the benefits schools and colleges are seeing with video.

Free resources for your careers programme

Build out your careers programme and develop student employability skills with the following teaching resources. Share the Teamwork video with your students and reinforce key learning points with the printable worksheets and activities below:

Series: Are You Job Ready?
Production Year: 2018
Audience: Middle-Senior Secondary and Further Education
Subject: Careers and Employability

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