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Edwina Baden-Powell

As we head into another month of remote learning and teaching, ClickView remains committed to the production of new and engaging content to support students and teachers during this time. Here’s what the ClickView Content and Production teams have prepared for you in May:


Algo’s Adventures

The first installment of 5 episodes (of a 10-part Miniclips series)


  • The series (scripts written and animated by Ailing Tay) provides an introduction to computer coding and computational thinking for students from Key Stage 2.
  • The series follows Polly and Paul as they learn how their robot Algo functions.
  • These five episodes explore what a computer is, the importance of coding, binary code, algorithms, and different programming languages.
  • Includes student-directed activity booklet which breaks down computational thinking, small research and creativity activities, and an opportunity to write their own algorithm.

Binary: HTML, Javascript, Ruby, Python, Scratch

Curriculum Karaoke: Times Tables

We are particularly excited to announce the release of the latest Curriculum Karaoke series ‘Times Tables’.

Keystones Creations’ Director and primary school teacher, Nuala O’Hanlon explains what sets their Curriculum Karaoke series apart from the rest: “Children learn what they sing. Our curriculum-aligned songs target outcomes and learning sequences of curriculum documents to support and integrate classroom learning across key subject areas.”

This May, you can look forward to:

  • Keystone Creations original sing-along content that has been exclusively animated by ClickView.
  • The songs (lyrics written by Nuala O’Hanlon and Kathryn Radloff, and animated by Irene MacIas, Ailing Tay, Alice Donaldson) help students to learn their times tables.
  • Explores the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10 times tables.
  • Covers outcomes from the Mathematics curriculum for Key Stage 2.
  • Includes lyric sheets with student questions aligned to the songs.

Times tables


Numeracy in the Workplace

Our even BIGGER series of 2020 includes 18 videos for learners entering the workforce who need to revisit key mathematical concepts from earlier years of schooling.

  • Comparable to UK Functional Skills Qualification: Maths Level 1.
  • FE/Vocational instructors in the hospitality, construction and retail industries will find these a helpful refresher for their students.
  • Worked examples demonstrate various methods of how to think about and solve a problem in a workplace setting.
  • Students can simply watch and learn a new computational thinking method, or interact with the content via interactive questions.
  • Extension activities provide a hard copy, pen and paper opportunity to work through the problems presented in the video, as well as apply the operations to a new industry-specific problem.
Numeracy in Construction Numeracy in Hospitality Numeracy in Retail
  • Calculating Perimeter
  • Calculating Volume
  • Ratio and Conversion
  • Calculating Area
  • Estimating and Quotes
  • Multiplication
  • Ratio
  • Portioning
  • Seating Plans
  • Set Menus
  • Time for Food Safety
  • Rostering
  • Stock Calculations
  • Break Times
  • Discounts
  • Surcharges
  • Cash Handling
  • Floats and Balances
  • Written by Simon Garner, produced Sascha Karner, edited by Jane Moore, onlined by Rob Wilby, Michael Demetriou and freelancer Nix, sound by Elliott Klein. Consultant: Alison Lee.

Numeracy in Construction

Systems of the Human Body: Skeletal System

  • The skeletal system is one of the main systems of the human body. This five-part series combines detailed animations with clear explanations, giving learners a thorough understanding of key features of the skeleton. Ideal for middle to senior secondary biology students.
  • We use 3D graphics of a full skeletal system to examine the following areas:
    • Functions of the Human Skeleton
    • Structure of the Skeleton
    • Joints and Movement
    • Injuries and Healing
    • Bone Health and Disease
  • Consultant: Leanda Garvie, directed, animated and produced by Michael Demetriou.

Functions of the Human Skeleton

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