New titles from ClickView this November

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Ingrid Candido

This month, ClickView’s Content and Production teams have been hard at work creating brand new content across a wide number of subjects!

For primary students we have a unique new programme introducing ethics and the concepts of right and wrong to support young students; as well as a range of new Curriculum Karaoke sing-a-long videos across Geography, Maths and PSHE!

For secondary students there’s a deep exploration of the things that divide people and politics in America, a new take on some key art movements and insights into how others use our online data.

Read more about the upcoming releases below.


Curriculum Karaoke

We are excited to announce the release of the latest Curriculum Karaoke songs.

Keystones Creations Director and primary school teacher, Nuala O’Hanlon explains what sets their Curriculum Karaoke series apart from the rest: “Children learn what they sing. Our curriculum-aligned songs target outcomes and learning sequences of curriculum documents to support and integrate classroom learning across key subject areas.”

In this release, you can look forward to:

  • Keystone Creations original sing-along content that has been exclusively animated by ClickView
  • The songs (lyrics written by Nuala O’Hanlon and Kathryn Radloff, and animated by Alice Donaldson) cover the following topics and themes:
    • Antarctica
    • Wants and Needs
    • Get Into Shapes (shapes)
    • 6 Times Table
    • Put a Smile on Your Dial (positivity)
    • Wake Up! (privilege and gratitude)
  • Covers outcomes from the curriculum for students across multiple primary year levels and subject areas.
  • Includes lyric sheets with student questions aligned to the songs.

Keystones Creations & ClickView Curriculum Karaoke

Ethical Adventures: Right and Wrong

This Miniclip takes students in Key Stage 1 on an ethical journey with Melfyn the Magic Scout to explore right and wrong, and what consequences are.

  • Covers outcomes from the PSHE curriculum.
  • Teacher pack includes both collaborative and student-directed activities, role-play scenario prompts, picture book suggestions, a plethora of additional videos to support further learning, and an interactive video.
  • Written and animated by Alice Donaldson.

Ethical Adventures Right and Wrong - Primary teaching resource


Art Movements in Context

Understanding a work of art also requires the context in which it was created, as there are often historical events, political attitudes, societal norms and trends that influenced the artist’s choices.

These three videos explore well known and popular art movements that are commonly taught in Art and Design classrooms as they are so influential on modern art and because students enjoy learning about them. The videos are a helpful introduction for secondary and tertiary students of art history.

  • Surrealism: More Than Melting Clocks
  • American Pop Art: Popular Culture and Paparazzi
  • American Abstract Expressionism: The Cold War and the CIA

Surrealism: More Than Melting Clocks
Topics covered: the horrors of war including WW1, the Spanish Civil War and the rise of Fascism, the influence of Dada and Sigmund Freud and psychoanalysis.

Art Movements in Context Surrealism

American Pop Art: Popular Culture and Paparazzi
Topics include: mass production and consumerism, the post-war economic boom and the rise of youth and popular culture.

American Pop Art Popular Culture and Paparazzi

American Abstract Expressionism: The Cold War and the CIA
Topics include: the influence of the Guggenheim family on the New York art scene, the Cold War and Communism and Carl Jung’s theory of archetypes.

American Abstract Expressionism The Cold War and the CIA

This series is designed for Stage 3, GCSE and Tertiary Art and Design students.

Written by Matt McLean and Nathaniel Moncrieff, produced by Edwina Baden-Powell graphics by Rob Wilby and sound by Elliott Klein.

The Divided States of America

Political, religious, racial, religious and gender-based divisions characterise the current and past human history of the United States of America. This brilliantly told, six-part series includes rarely seen images and evocative footage and provides the background students require for a strong understanding of this country’s history.

The Divided States of America

The Seeds of Division: the establishment of European colonies in North America, the American Revolution, the establishment of the independent nation of the United States of America.

An Uncivil Century: key events in American 19th-century history, the Louisiana Slave Revolt, the Missouri Compromise, the Removal Act, the abolitionist and women’s rights movements, the election of Abraham Lincoln and the American Civil War.

Ossian Sweet and the Ku Klux Klan: the 1925 Ossian Sweet trial, segregation, Jim Crow laws, the Great Migration, the Ku Klux Klan.

Suffragettes and Flappers: the role of women in the US and the movement for women’s rights in the late 19th and 20th centuries, the Suffrage movement, Prohibition and flappers and the Equal Rights Amendment.

The Sacco and Vanzetti Case: the treatment of immigrant workers, Italian anarchists and World War I, anti-immigrant legislation and immigration quotas.

The Scopes ‘Monkey’ Trial: the conflict between religious beliefs and scientific theory, Darwin’s theory of evolution, the rise of fundamentalism and the continued debate around the teaching of evolution in the classroom.

The Divided States of America - ClickView Series

This series is designed for GCSE Modern History, Civics/Gender Studies.

Written by Nathaniel Moncrieff, produced and directed Thomas Baricevic, graphics by Michael Demetriou and Nix Matt and sound by Hassan Lahrech.

Ethical Computing

As technology becomes increasingly integrated in our daily lives, it is crucial to understand the size and impact of our digital footprint. This comprehensive four-part series, featuring experts from the London School of Economics and Cardiff University, explains why our online data is important, how it can be used for helpful and harmful purposes and what we can do to keep it secure.

Ethical Computing - ClickView

The important ideas included are:

  • ‘Big data’ is a valuable asset for organisations and governments.
  • Hiding in the data we place online is knowledge that can inform and help people, but that can also cause harm if we aren’t careful.
  • How and why different organisations collect your data, with reference to the Cambridge Analytica scandal.
  • Online privacy is not just about the password to your email account.

Ethical Computing - ClickView Teaching Resource

This series is designed for GCSE Computer Science; A-Level Computer Science.

Written by Mike McRae, produced and directed Sascha Karner, graphics by Rob Wilby and sound by Elliott Klein.