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Edwina Baden-Powell

Here we are, halfway through 2020! ClickView’s production and content teams have been busy creating new and engaging content for you and your students to enjoy. As schools begin to transition into a blended mode of learning, remember that ClickView are here to help – please don’t hesitate to reach out should you require assistance. We are excited to share with you our latest titles below.


Introducing Mass

  • This Miniclip (written and animated by Ailing Tay) provides an introduction to mass for students in Key Stage 1.
  • The video introduces mass, compares objects with a light mass to those of a greater mass, and introduces the equal arm balance scale to help students measure and compare different masses.
  • Teacher pack includes hands-on opportunities for students to learn about and compare masses of everyday objects, as well as build their own equal arm balance scale.

Teaching mass to primary students

Properties of Materials in Design

  • This Miniclip (written by Ingrid Candido and animated by Alice Donaldson) provides an overview of the properties of materials and how they enable successful product design.
  • It is targeted at students for Key Stage 2.
  • The video explores the characteristics of flexibility, thermal conductivity, strength, durability, waterproofness, and sustainability; and examines various everyday products to see how their chosen materials embody suitable properties for the designed purpose.
  • Teacher pack includes worksheets and hands-on activities exploring everyday products to learn more about their materials and properties, research tasks, an introduction into Indigenous sustainable design, opportunities for re-designing existing products, and much more.

Properties of material design

Adding Fractions

  • This Miniclip (written and animated by Alice Donaldson) introduces students to adding fractions with the same denominator.
  • It is targeted at students in Key Stage 2.
  • The video summarises fraction terminology, outlines the simple steps involved with adding two fractions together that share the same denominator, and outlines how to simplify the final fraction as well as change an improper fraction to a mixed number.
  • Teacher pack includes worksheets and a plethora of online games to help students practice their fraction addition.

Teaching fractions to primary students

The 12 Principles of Animation

  • This Miniclip (written and animated by Irene MacIas) takes students through the 12 principles of animation.
  • It is designed for students from Upper Key Stage 2 and upwards.
  • The video provides an overview of animation and outlines the 12 principles of animation that were originally introduced by Disney animators Ollie Johnston and Frank Thomas in 1981 and now guide all animators to create realistic, appealing, and effective animation.

The 12 principles of animation

Creative Process

  • This Miniclip (written and animated by Alice Donaldson) introduces students to practical strategies to help form an effective creative workflow for their own projects.
  • It is designed for students from Upper Key Stage 2 and upwards.
  • The video explains how to develop an idea through brainstorming, how to create a suitable title and write a logline, as well as plan and draw up a storyboard. From creating a short animation, to shooting their own music video or film, students can apply these strategies to a project during the pre-production stage of development.

Get GIFy with it


The Pond: Community Ecology in Action

A remake of a popular Classroom Video series from 2005.

  • This video is aimed at viewers from Key Stage 3 Science but has also been extended to hit curriculum points in GCSE Biology.
  • The clip was filmed in Tasmania by Ecologist and Wildlife Photographer, Fraser Johnston, who has worked with major documentarians such as David Attenborough.
  • Ponds provide opportunities to see lentic ecosystems in action. This six-part series is filled with engaging footage and factual diagrams, leaving students with a clear understanding of community ecology. An essential resource for senior secondary biology students. Taking a tour through the layers of the pond we visit:
    • The Still Water Pond
    • The Terrestrial Zone
    • The Littoral Zone: Photosynthesis
    • The Littoral Zone: Food Chains and Webs
    • The Limnetic Zone
    • The Benthic Zone
  • Written and directed by Fraser Johnston, produced by Fraser Johnston and Edwina Baden-Powell. Edited by Jane Moore. Graphics by Rob Wilby. Sound by Elliott Klein. Consultant: Leanda Garvie.

Biology teaching resources for senior secondary students

Five Days of Fitness

  • This series for GCSE and A Level PSHE and Level 1 & 2 Certificate of Fitness provides over 80 minutes of detailed instruction
  • Ideal for classroom instruction and individual use, the clips will also assist students who are developing their own training programs.
  • Presented by Kathryn Montgomery, an Irish personal trainer and experienced circus performer, you will be instructed in the correct techniques and specific aims of each exercise including:
    • Foundation Skills
    • The Warm Up
    • Workout 1: Engage Your Core
    • Workout 2: Strong Glutes
    • Workout 3: Kick it, Punch it
    • Workout 4: Posture Perfect
    • Workout 5: Planks and Arms
    • The Cool Down
    • Improve Your Posture
  • Consultant: Mason Crozier, directed by Sascha Karner and produced by Edwina Baden-Powell and Sascha Karner. Edited by Jane Moore Graphics/grading Michael Demetriou. Sound by Elliott Klein.

Five days of fitness ClickView

Literary Contexts: American Literature

  • Adding to our Literary Contexts from last year, this time we’re looking specifically at 20th century American texts consisting of a fiction novel, non-fiction novel and two plays.
  • A thorough text study also requires a thorough context study, as there are often historical events, political attitudes, societal norms and trends that influenced the author’s literary choices. This series delves into the notion of the American Dream and its influence on the beliefs and behaviours of the time.
  • These texts are studied in senior secondary by English Literature and Drama students around the world:
    • The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald
    • Death of a Salesman, Arthur Miller
    • In Cold Blood, Truman Capote
    • A Streetcar Named Desire, Tennessee Williams
  • Consultant: Jill Pritchard. Written by Nathaniel Moncrieff. Directed and produced by Edwina Baden-Powell. Titles by Rob Wilby. Sound by Elliott Klein and Den Belmont.

American Literature teaching resources

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