Learn about our incredible solar system in Into Space

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Edwina Baden-Powell

The universe is alive with other worlds and stars. Did you know that the sun is so big, that 1.4 million earths could fit inside of it? Unravel other fascinating insights of our solar system in this two-part Into Space series.

Into Space: Stars of the Universe

In this update of our classic programme, we explore important features of the universe through easy to follow, stunning visuals and graphics. Learn about our galaxy home, the Milky Way, and some of the billions of stars it contains including our Sun and closest neighbour, Alpha Centauri. The characteristics of different types of stars and the changes they experience during their life cycle are described.

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Looking for what to teach for Space? Use this two-part Into Space series to build complete lesson plans for science by downloading the supporting teaching resources below, containing printable worksheets and activities:

Series: Into Space
Production Year: 2016
Audience: Secondary and Tertiary
Subject: Physics

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