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Edwina Baden-Powell

Help your students tackle grammar and vocabulary with Lingo Ninja’s French language missions. Lingo Ninja’s first language mission is French, giving teachers language learning resources, designed to engage students. Each video is aligned to the National Curriculum and is supported with additional resources to encourage class discussion and activities.

La Famille (Beginners)

Tante Cécile is having a birthday party, but she has forgotten the names of everyone she invited! In this video, beginner students use the language needed to describe themselves and their family members, and eat gâteau. They will practise their reading, listening, and writing skills through onscreen questions, with further opportunity for extension available in the À Toi Maintenant additional resource. Students can rewind and rewatch sections of the clip to help them answer the questions.

Create the ultimate learning experience

Build complete lesson plans for French by downloading the supporting teaching resources below, containing printable worksheets and activities. Share the La Famille (Beginners) video and resources with your students:

Series: Lingo Ninja Presents: French Language Lessons
Production Year: 2017
Audience: Junior Secondary
Subject: French Language

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