February production release

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Ingrid Candido

We’re so pleased to welcome you to our first original content release for 2020. This is the time of year to start making good habits, and ours will be changing ever so slightly this year, with new content being released every 6 weeks. Never fear – it just means these updates will be bursting at the seams with ClickView Original content, becoming bigger than ever before!

The start of Spring term welcomes new students with open arms, especially those transitioning from one school to another. Those a bit nervous starting a new term might find this video helpful.

Here’s what the ClickView Content and Production teams have prepared for you in February:


International Women's Day

International Women’s Day

Audience: Key Stage 2
Subject: History

  • A new Miniclip to introduce and explain International Women’s Day.
  • The video (written and animated by Alice Donaldson) follows the UK’s timeline of gender equality and voting rights, from the beginning of the suffrage movement.
  • Teacher Pack includes research tasks, class activities, and discussion starters.


Chemical Equilibrium

Chemical Equilibrium

Audience: Senior Secondary
Subject: Chemistry

  • Our biggest secondary series of 2020 includes 10 videos to learn all about equilibrium.
  • Five videos on theory:
    • Reversible Reactions
    • Le Chatelier’s Principle
    • The Haber Process
    • Competing Equilibria
    • Equilibrium Law
  • Five videos showing practical demonstrations of changing equilibrium systems:
    • Increasing the Concentration of a Reactant
    • Increasing the Amount of a Product
    • Removing a Product
    • Increasing the Pressure
    • Changing the Temperature
  • Shorter videos makes for easy customisation and embedding into lesson plans, or ideal for student-directed learning tools as students catch up or revise away from the classroom.
  • Written by Mike McRae, produced and onlined by Michael Demetriou, sound by Elliott Klein. Consultant: Toby Ward, Flipped Educator and Chemistry teacher, Brighton Secondary School, Australia.

Launching a Food Product

Launching a Food Product

Audience: GCSE
Subject: Food Technology, Business

  • Have you ever wondered how your favourite snack came to be sold on the supermarket shelf? It’s worth knowing that they didn’t appear there by pure chance.
  • This series talks to innovators who work to ensure new food products are successful when they launch into the marketplace by researching the target market, knowing the competition, and reducing the risk of business failure.
  • Interviews with marketers and food innovators explore:
    • Traditional Food Drivers and Trends
    • Emerging Food Drivers and Trends
    • Market Research
    • Generating Ideas and Solutions
    • Packaging for Success
  • Consultant: Lyn McErlean, teacher at Indooroopilly Secondary School, Australia, written by Nathaniel Moncrieff, produced by Sascha Karner, onlined by Michael Demetriou.



Audience: GCSE
Subject: Geography

  • Rivers form some of the most breathtaking landscapes the world over, and can be both blissfully serene and devastatingly powerful.
  • Combining stunning footage from the highlands of the United Kingdom with spatial technology imagery from Google Earth, this series explores river landforms in the wild while explaining the processes that form them with clear animations. Accompanied by comprehensive, creative and collaborative activities, this series is ideal for teacher and student use.
    • Journey from the Source
    • Fluvial Processes
    • River Landforms of the Upper Course
    • River Landforms of the Middle Course
    • River Landforms of the Lower Course
  • Consultants: Adrian DeFanti, author and teacher at Mazenod College, Australia; James Bowater, AQA GCSE Geography examiner and flipped classroom enthusiast at Alcester Academy.

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