Integrate educational videos into your lesson plans

ClickView provides thousands of quality educational videos designed for Primary and Secondary schools, which are accessible through our BYOD-friendly video platform.

With ClickView, you can embrace video learning as our suite of software enables teachers and librarians to store, manage and deliver educational videos inside and outside the classroom.

This means teachers can embed educational videos into their school's VLE, while students can watch these programmes at their own pace using any computer or mobile device.

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ClickView for Primary and Secondary Schools

Making Teaching Easy

Search for curriculum-mapped videos

Our Curriculum Specialist, Albert helps you find the perfect video for your lesson plan using learning areas from the national Curriculum for England.

Access content anywhere, anytime

ClickView lets you store, manage and deliver digital content throughout your school while making the same videos available for teachers and students to watch outside the classroom.

Watch true educational content

We curate the best educational videos from renowned content providers and we are now creating the curriculum-relevant content that your school needs.

Customise your library

Using our built-in video editor, librarians can create and store clips to build a library of educational content tailored to your school’s teaching requirements.

Powerful reporting tools

Using ClickView Analytics, you can see how often staff and students log in, which videos are being viewed and who has viewed them.

Embed recent TV clips into your lesson plans

Our TV recording service lets you go back in time up to 14 days and choose from thousands of TV programmes recorded from 24 free-to-air channels.

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Want to learn more about ClickView?

We would be more than happy to come to your school or college and show you how your teachers and students can benefit from ClickView.

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"Via the use of Single Sign-On, the links with third parties, you get this sense of ease of use, seamless integration which makes staff and students want to use the product."